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A common theme throughout Trish Torline’s life has been her love for music. From singing in front of the living room mirror with a guitar and percolator chord as a mic, to forming her own bands and recording in high school, to showcasing in Nashville, to becoming a recognized singer, songwriter and member of the contemporary Christian music scene, Trish’s passion for music is at the core of who she is as a Christian and as a women.

“The music I write expresses the joy of being a child of God, and also the difficulty of being human. For in humanity there exists many struggles. But God has shown me, often through the songs he allows me to write, that He is able to overcome all of these.

Each time I write, I feel I am coming to grips with a struggle I have, or a joy I am celebrating. Either way, there is truth to tell. In the process of sharing these songs, I embrace the possibility that someone somewhere may receive these words and be able to claim some of them as their own.

The Lord has given me an incredible gift of writing and playing music. I have chosen to use these gifts to give hope and encouragement. On the day, when I see His Face, I want to be able to tell Him that I have used His gifts and shared them with others.”

Trish Torline is a singer, speaker, songwriter, composer and worship leader who inspires women toward the heart of God through stories, songs, and Scripture. Her fun and enthusiastic communication style is easy to relate to and puts audiences at ease bridging generational, denominational, and racial divides.

As a servant to her home church and others, Trish has been involved in worship arts ministries for a total of eleven years as a musician, musical director or worship leader.  Trish brings that experience into her worship leading at various conferences and churches.

Exceptionally blessed by God, Trish has also used her spiritual gifts to write a children’s book, conduct and witness for the Lord as a middle school band director, released her 3rd CD, Live Laugh Love, on Creative Soul Records and continues to travel, sing and speak at women’s events across the US.

“I am exactly where I am supposed to be. There is such freedom in that. Now I truly understand that my music is only a part of what God has created me to do.”

And what is that?

“To encourage, motivate, and inspire – what a privilege.”   

North American Christian Convention

North American Christian Convention



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Oct 14
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  • Toni @ ladies at Plum Creek Christian Church Says:

    Thank you, Trish, for leading worship at our recent Gathering at the Barn! It truly felt as though we were ushered into God’s presence through praise.
    The worship was especially “sweet” when we sang the songs you wrote! God has given you a gift to do just what you acknowledge is your heart’s desire: to Encourage and Inspire.

    Blessings on your continued ministry.
    The ladies at Plum Creek Christian Church.

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