Armed with six strings and killer vocals, Trish and her music help bring perspective to everyday life and make it a little easier to deal with!”

— Cynthia Taylor (Fan)


Just a Girl with a Guitar and a Song.

A common theme throughout Trish Torline’s life has been her love for music. It is at the core of who she is…

“The first thing I’d ever written was in Middle School. It was a newly built school and we (the band kids) decided we needed a fight song. We used a pre-existing March (as most schools do) so all we needed were the lyrics to go with it. Myself, and some other of my band mates decided to take on the task of writing the lyrics. I had so much fun with that experience that I started piddling around writing music. Before long, I was writing songs.”


Trish considers herself to be a storyteller, looking for opportunities to tell these stories through music in a unique and uplifting way. Trish writes about love, family, memories and her faith. 


"I don't know if my style has description", Trish says, "except that it's just me. It's my soul and my feelings." 


“To quote Berthold Auerbach, a German poet and author.  “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” I can think of no better way to use the gifts I’ve been given than to help wash away the dust of everyday day life from someone who maybe facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges.”



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Sample Tracks

Track Order: Live Laugh Love, Maybe This Year, Kept, Rise

"Congregat" Songwriter Rounds- Maiden City Brewing, Cyn. Ky.