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Trish has been nominated for 4 Lexington Music Awards

On January 20th, it was proudly revealed that Trish has secured nominations in four distinguished categories for the upcoming Lexington Music Awards scheduled to take place on Sunday, March 3rd. Her remarkable talents have earned her nods in the "Female Vocal" and "Singer-Songwriter" categories, while her captivating track "Girls Night Out" stands as a contender for the prestigious "Song of the Year." Additionally, Trish is also in the running for the esteemed "Jay Flippin Music Educator Award." This recognition underscores her multifaceted contributions to the music industry, showcasing her prowess both as a performer and as an influential figure in music education.

What's New!


"Girls' Night Out" celebrates friendships and staying connected. Go call the girls and start planning your GIRLS' NIGHT OUT!

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