You will be uplifted, challenged, blessed, and encouraged.” - Connie Duncan

— Women's Ministry Coordinator, Journey Church - Cyn. Ky.

All In One

Musicianary - "A missionary whose primary tool is one of music, using songs to spread the Gospel."

Using her unique Keynote Concert style, singer/songwriter, Trish Torline, provides entertainment, inspiration and encouragement. Not only does she perform her original songs in secular, faith-based venues and churches, but there is more to her than music. Trish Torline is a professional speaker, wowing audiences by weaving her message into an interactive tapestry of meaning and humor. 

Drawing from her background as an educator, Trish Torline’s Keynote Concerts are multi-dimensional. She combines laughter, wisdom, and her original songs into an interactive experience that generates positive action. Where other speakers might make a point and illustrate it with a story, Trish makes a point and illustrates it with a song.

When Trish shares artistic creations (songs) with other people they become a form of communication. Communicating through artistic creations connects both the artist and the audience instantly, heart to heart, spirit to spirit. The audience does not have to decide anything about the information to experience it. In other words, unlike how we are taught in school or in sermons, we do not have to learn or think about a piece of art—we experience it.

Experiencing art, can be so powerful and memorable that lives are changed in an instant.

What People Are Saying

Trish will touch your heart with her personal testimony of what God has done, and continues to do in her life. The life lessons she has learned and is continuing to learn, she shares with her audience through several different methods. Handouts, video, visual examples and original songs are all included in her presentation, along with practical tools that will help you continue to grow in your spiritual walk long after spending the day with Trish.

~ Connie Duncan (Pastor's Wife, Women's Ministry Coordinator)


On April 24th and 25th Trish Torline lead 90.7’s 3rd annual women’s conference. Trish’s music was awesome, her teaching was relevant and touched the needs of the women in our listening audience. Her handouts, presentation graphics, and short video clips supported her discussion topics. Trish allowed God’s Spirit to move her in the singing and presentation. 

I received many comments such as, “WOW” best conference so far, would like to hear her again", "Loved the music!", "Man this conference made me evaluate my life!", "Can’t wait until the conference in 2016!"

I personally thought Trish was a blessing to our ladies and I would recommend her to any group or church that is looking for a conference speaker, singer, or trainer. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information as to how the conference went. 859/707-9691. 

I will use Trish in the future.

John E. Smith - Manager, WPTJ 90.7 FM


God is on the move through His people and the impact of that movement will transform the world! To allow Trish Torline’s heart to beat in and through your ministry will bring a vibrancy you’ve never experienced before!

Gordon N. Smith - Associate Pastor – Calvary Christian Church, Winchester, KY PH: 859-744-0817


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