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In 2017 Trish was honored to be asked to write a song to be used for Litter Abatement. A year to the month later, "Clean Up Our Act" was chosen as the featured song for The Commonwealth Cleanup Week, March 17th-24th 2018. #howcoolisthat



Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle (Trish Torline) With the combination of family, food, shopping, and parties, a lot of us get our tinsel in a tangle. Instead of throwing a Clark Griswold-style holiday tantrum, take a lot of deep breaths and remember the reason for the season, celebrating the birth of a Savior who signifies peace, hope and love for all. Being mindful of this can allow you to maximize the big picture and minimize the smaller details. Get your copy ... Available on all music platforms and at Physical CD's are only available at