1. RISE
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Our lives can change abruptly from one moment to the next. At such times, it’s difficult to imagine that what may seem like a catastrophe may turn out to be an opportunity. Believe in your ability to rise from your own fallen ashes to become brighter and more beautiful than ever before. You can do that. You were born for that.


Rise (Trish Torline)
2012 Him Tunes
a division of Catalyst Music Group

Verse 1:
No one expects the unexpected
It’s hard to believe the unbelievable
Can you imagine something so unimaginable?
Then out of the blue, it came upon you

It could happen any moment, a sudden twist of fate
When the life you knew is over and a new one takes its place
What’s often meant to harm us might be a blessing in disguise
If we look beyond the moment, from the ashes we will rise.

Verse 2:
When we are broken God remakes us
He puts the pieces together again
His sweet assurance holds us together while we mend
His loving touch keeps us going when it’s tough

We can’t change the cards we’re dealt, just how we play the hand
Take a chance and go “all in”, your life is in His hands!